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We are looking for new motivated PhD students to join our team! - to work on neural basis of behaviors and sensory biology. Send letter of interest and CV to kmaruska@lsu.edu

Feb. 2017: Burt's Blog is up and running! - check it out for awesome posts on research from the perspective of a fish named Burt!

Feb. 2017: Karen M. gives a seminar at University of New Orleans, and is interviewed for "The Cichlid Stage" blog.

Jan. 2017: The lab attends the SICB meeting in New Orleans. Great presentations by Karen Jr., Daniel, and Julie.

Jan. 2017: Julie receives a research grant from SICB - congrats!

Nov. 2016: Congrats to Julie for winning 1st place in the LSU 3 min thesis competition!

Oct. 2016: Check out the LSU College of Science Blog post and video about our research program!

Sept. 2016: Karen F. gives a fantastic talk on her research at the LSU Museum Seminar Series!

Sept. 2016: Welcome to new PhD student Teisha, and new undergrad researchers Brandon, Sarah, Victoria, Donny, and Adaoma!

Aug. 2016: Congrats to Julie for receiving a poster prize at the Isiah Warner Education & Research Symposium!

July 2016: The lab is now on twitter! @MaruskaLab
























































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Neural Mechanisms of Behavior • Hormones and Sensory Processing • Sensory, Behavioral and Neural Plasticity
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