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We are looking for new motivated M.S. or PhD students to join our team! - to work on neural basis of behaviors and sensory biology. Send letter of interest and CV to kmaruska@lsu.edu

June 2018: Congratulations to Teisha for receiving a GIAR from Sigma Xi!

June 2018: Karen M. gives the Wed. Night Lecture for the Neural Systems & Behavior course at MBL.

May 2018: Congratulations to Chase for receiving a summer research grant from LSU Discover! Welcome to summer LBRN student Arohan Rimal!

May 2018: Congratulations to our graduating undergraduate researchers Ashley, Makayla, Victoria & Alabel!

Apr. 2018: Congrats to Victoria for successfully defending her Honors Thesis!

Apr. 2018: Tenured!!

Apr. 2018: Undergrads Sarah, Ashley, & Brandon present research posters at LSU Discover Day. Congrats to Brandon for his 2nd place win in the STEM category!

Apr. 2018: Congratulations to Teisha for receiving an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!

Mar. 2018: Teisha, Julie, and Karen Jr. present their research at the LSU BioGrads Symposium. Congrats to Julie & Teisha for getting poster awards!

Mar. 2018: Karen M. gives a seminar at LSU Dept. of Comparative Biomedicine at the Vet School. She also receives a faculty award from The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi.

Mar. 2018: Julie gives an awesome talk at TEDxLSU!

Mar. 2018: Congrats to undergrad Sarah for receiving an LSU Discover Scholar Award! & to Julie for receiving an Esprit de Femme Student Leadership Award!
















































































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kmaruska@lsu.edu • 225-578-1738 (office) • 225-578-8057 (lab)


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Neural Mechanisms of Behavior • Hormones and Sensory Processing • Sensory, Behavioral and Neural Plasticity
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