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May 2018: Congratulations to Chase for receiving a summer research grant from LSU Discover! Welcome to summer LBRN student Arohan Rimal!

May 2018:
Congratulations to our graduating undergraduate researchers Ashley, Makayla, Victoria & Alabel!

Apr. 2018:
Congrats to Victoria for successfully defending her Honors Thesis!

Apr. 2018:

Apr. 2018:
Undergrads Sarah, Ashley, & Brandon present research posters at LSU Discover Day. Congrats to Brandon for his 2nd place win in the STEM category!

Apr. 2018:
Congratulations to Teisha for receiving an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!

Mar. 2018:
Teisha, Julie, and Karen Jr. present their research at the LSU BioGrads Symposium. Congrats to Julie & Teisha for getting poster awards!

Mar. 2018:
Karen M. gives a seminar at LSU Dept. of Comparative Biomedicine at the Vet School. She also receives a faculty award from The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi.

Mar. 2018:
Julie gives an awesome talk at TEDxLSU!

Mar. 2018:
Congrats to undergrad Sarah for receiving an LSU Discover Scholar Award! & to Julie for receiving an Esprit de Femme Student Leadership Award!

Feb. 2018:
Karen M. gives a seminar at Indiana University. Julie visits UM-Duluth to conduct experiments with our collaborators in the Mensinger lab. Former LBRN summer student Chris presents his work at LBRN conference.

Feb. 2018:
Karen M. receives the mid-career scholar LSU Rainmaker award! Welcome to new undergrad researcher Alabel!

Jan. 2018:
The lab attends the SICB meeting in San Francisco - 3 posters & 1 talk. Congrats to Julie for receiving honorable mention in the DNNSB student presentations & to Teisha for winning the DNNSB best student poster!

Dec. 2017:
Congrats to Teisha for receiving a Broadening Participation Travel Award from SICB!

Dec. 2017:
See some of our research highlighted "Inside JEB" and in Research Features Magazine.

Nov. 2017:
Karen Jr. presents her chemosensory research at Society for Neuroscience in Washington D.C. Colleague Al Mensinger (U of Minn-Duluth) visits the lab to give our Departmental Seminar.

Oct. 2017:
Colleagues Nicole Baran (GA tech) and Peter Sorensen (U of Minnesota) visit the lab to learn, share, and collaborate.

Sept. 2017:
Congrats to Julie for placing in the top 3 of the LA Coastal Connections 3-min thesis Competition! Karen M. gives her tenure seminar!

Aug. 2017:
Great job by summer LBRN student Chris presenting his work on effects of maternal care and energetics on neural activation at the SURF symposium!

July 2017:
Julie presents her research on tachykinin expression in the cichlid brain at the SBN meeting in CA.

May 2017:
Congrats to our graduated seniors Daniel & Kara! Welcome to some new undergrad researchers - Chase, Austin, Adam, & Hannah, and LBRN summer student Chris! Congrats to Julie for receiving a travel award to attend SBN meeting!

Apr. 2017:
Awesome representation by lab members at LSU BioGrads symposium, taking 2 of the top 3 poster awards!

Apr. 2017:
Excellent job by Sarah and Daniel presenting their work at the LSU Discover Day undergraduate research symposium!

Mar. 2017:
Julie makes it to the finals in the Regional 3 min. thesis competition! Welcome to new undergrad researcher Tyler!

Feb. 2017:
Burt's Blog is up and running! - check it out for awesome posts on research from the perspective of a fish named Burt!

Feb. 2017:
Karen M. gives a seminar at University of New Orleans, and is interviewed for "The Cichlid Stage" blog.

Jan. 2017:
The lab attends the SICB meeting in New Orleans. Great presentations by Karen Jr., Daniel, and Julie.

Jan. 2017:
Julie receives a research grant from SICB - congrats!

Nov. 2016:
Congrats to Julie for winning 1st place in the LSU 3 min thesis competition!

Oct. 2016:
Check out the LSU College of Science Blog post and video about our research program!

Sept. 2016:
Karen F. gives a fantastic talk on her research at the LSU Museum Seminar Series!

Sept. 2016:
Welcome to new PhD student Teisha, and new undergrad researchers Brandon, Sarah, Victoria, Donny, and Adaoma!

Aug. 2016:
Congrats to Julie for receiving a poster prize at the Isiah Warner Education & Research Symposium!

July 2016:
The lab is now on twitter! @MaruskaLab

July 2016:
Tim Tricas (University of Hawaii) visits the lab to share ideas and learn techniques.

July 2016:
The lab attends the JMIH meeting in New Orleans. Julie and Karen Jr. present their research.

June 2016:
Julie presents her lateral line research at the ICBF conference in San Marcos, TX.

May 2016:
Congrats to the graduating seniors Polly and Christopher!

Apr. 2016:
Karen M. receives an LSU Alumni Association Rising Faculty Research Award

Mar. 2016:
Congrats to Julie for receiving a research grant from the Animal Behavior Society!

Jan. 2016:
Karen M. gives a talk at the Winter Animal Behavior Conference (WABC) in Steamboat Springs, CO. Welcome to undergrads Makayla and Zaida!

Jan. 2016:
The lab attends the SICB conference in Portland, OR.  Karen Jr. and Julie both give great talks!

Nov. 2015:
Congratulations to Karen Jr. for winning the first place poster prize at the LSU BioGrads Symposium!  Welcome to undergraduate researcher Ashley Augustus!

Oct. 2015: New paper
on the role of the lateral line system during territorial behaviors is featured "Inside JEB"!

Oct. 2015: Karen Jr. presents a poster on her research at the Society for Social Neuroscience meeting in Chicago - nice work!

Sept. 2015: Julie gives her 7921 seminar - great job!

Sept. 2015: Welcome to the new undergraduate researchers Josh, Thomas, and Maddy! and to new Senior Research Associate Alex Nikonov!

Aug. 2015: The lab receives funding from the National Science Foundation for 2 proposals to study 1) multimodal social signals and 2) neural mecahanisms of maternal care (in collaboration with S. Renn, Reed College).

Aug. 2015: Congrats to Julie for having her first paper accepted by Journal of Experimental Biology!

Aug. 2015: Welcome to new PhD student Whitney Walkowski and new Research Associate David Roberts!

July 2015: Kara and Charles present their HHMI research projects at the LSU SURF symposium - Great job!

June 2015: Danielle successfully defends her Master's Thesis - congrats!  Julie is off to spend 8 weeks at the Neural Systems & Behavior course in Woods Hole.

May 2015: Congrats to the graduating seniors Lloyd and Haley!

Apr. 2015: Check out the pubs page for some recent papers. Undergrad researcher Daniel Vilchez joins the team - Welcome!

Mar. 2015: Congrats to Charles & Kara for being accepted to the LSU-HHMI Research Program!

Feb. 2015: Julie has been selected to attend the 2015 Neural Systems & Behavior course at MBL!  Danielle has been accepted to the PhD program at University of Mississippi Medical Center. Congratulations!

Feb. 2015: Karen F. has been elected president of LSU BioGrads - Congrats! Kara Johnson & Vincent Tran join the lab - Welcome!

Jan. 2015: The lab attends the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB) meeting in West Palm Beach, FL. Karen M. gives a talk, and Julie and Karen Jr. both give posters on their research.

Dec. 2014: Dr. Brian Grone visits the lab to begin new collaborations & our CRH2 gar paper was accepted by JCN! Charly graduates - congrats!

Nov. 2014: The lab attends the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) meeting in Washington D.C. Danielle gives a poster on her research at SfN and Karen M. gives a talk at the Society for Social Neuroscience (S4SN) meeting.

Oct. 2014: Karen M. gives a seminar for the Department of Biology at University of Oklahoma.

Oct. 2014: Karen F. & Danielle give their 7921 Departmental seminars - great job!

Sept. 2014: Fall classes have started, welcome to the new students Charles, Haley, and Christopher, & Geaux Tigers!

Aug. 2014: Charly and Macy present their research at the LSU SURF poster session - great job!

July 2014: Dr. Sunny Scobell from Brooklyn College visits the lab to learn techniques.

May 2014: Congrats to Julie for receiving a Raney Award from ASIH!

May 2014: Karen M. attends the Communication across the Curriculum (CxC) Summer Institute at LSU.

May 2014: Congrats to the graduating seniors Kenny & Kelsey! & Welcome to the new students - Macy, Charly, Polly, Lloyd, & Alex!

Apr. 2014: Montana presents her research at the LSU Honors College Undergraduate Research Colloquium. Great job Montana!

Apr. 2014: Congratulations to Julie for receiving an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and a Sigma Xi grant!

Feb. 2014: Kelsey Hershey has been accepted to Medical School at LSU-New Orleans - congrats Kelsey!

Jan. 2014: Julie, Danielle, Karen F, and Karen M. all attend the annual SICB meeting in Austin, TX. Danielle and Karen F. present posters on their research.

Nov. 2013: Karen F. presents a poster at the annual BioGrads Symposium.

Oct. 2013: Collaborator Brian Grone visits to continue work on our gar project.

Oct. 2013: Karen M. attends and presents at the BARD cichlid endocrinology workshop in Israel.

Sept. 2013: Karen M. gives a seminar at Southeastern Louisiana University.

Aug. 2013: Karen M. attends the Gordon Conference in Neuroethology as a discussion leader.

Aug. 2013: Julie Butler joins the lab as a PhD student & receives a Board of Regents Graduate Fellowship. Welcome & congrats Julie!

Aug. 2013: Undergraduate researcher Sudarshan Thapa joins the lab. Welcome Sud!

Aug. 2013: Anupa presents her summer research at the LSU SURF poster session - great job Anupa!

July 2013: Karen M. attends the Gulf Coast Summer Institute & becomes a National Academies Education Fellow in the Life Sciences.

June 2013: Karen M. gives a talk at the "Society for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology" meeting in Atlanta, GA.

June 2013: Some new faces around the lab for the summer - Welcome to Anupa, Kenny & Montana!

June 2013: Collaborator Dr. Brian Grone visits the lab to work on in situ hybridization experiments in the gar and cichlid.

May 2013: Karen M. presents a poster at the "50 years of Underwater Bioacoustics" symposium in Sarasota, FL.

May 2013: Karen M. receives an ORAU Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award.

May 2013: Congratulations to Danielle Porter for receiving a research grant from the LSU Chapter of Sigma Xi!

May 2013: Karen Field receives an Animal Behavior Society Research Grant! Congratulations Karen Jr.!

May 2013: We have fish! Thanks Fernald Lab!

May 2013: Congratulations to Kelsey Hershey for receiving a SURE award to conduct her research!

May 2013: The lab receives a grant from LA Board of Regents to study chemosensory signaling in the cichlid!

Apr. 2013: Congrats to Danielle and Karen Jr. for receiving Sigma Xi grants to support their research!

Mar. 2013: Fish room is finished and tanks are cycling! Karen M. gives a seminar at University of Louisiana-Lafayette.

Feb. 2013: Lab website v1.0 is up and running! Thanks to Caroline "Deuce" Hu for the awesome logo!

Jan. 2013: Karen M. presents at the SICB meeting in San Francisco.

Oct. 2012: Karen, Danielle, and Karen Jr. attend the J.B. Johnston Club and Society for Neuroscience meetings in New Orleans.

Sept. 2012: Undergraduate students Kristi Harrison and Kelsey Hershey join the lab!

Aug. 2012: Graduate students Karen Field and Danielle Porter join the lab!

Aug. 2012: The Maruska Lab is established in the Dept. of Biological Sciences at LSU!
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