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We are looking for new motivated M.S. or PhD students to join our team! - to work on neural basis of behaviors and sensory biology. Send letter of interest and CV to kmaruska@lsu.edu

Jan. 2019: Congrats to undergrad researchers Chase (Sigma Xi) and Cy (LSU Discover) for their recent research grants!

Jan. 2019: The lab gives 5 presentations at the SICB conference in Tampa (Karen, Teisha, Julie, Chase, Sarah). Congrats to Chase (poster) and Julie (talk) for both receiving honorable mentions in the DNNSB competitions!

Nov. 2018: Congrats to Chase for receiving a TAF scholarship for his Honor's Thesis and a travel stipend from LSU Discover! Congrats to Teisha for her acceptance to the KIPP Accelerator Program! Great job by Julie presenting her research at the JBJC and Society for Neuroscience meetings!

Oct. 2018: Congrats to Julie for receiving a Trainee Professional Development Award from the Society for Neuroscience (SfN). Karen M. gives a seminar to the EEBB group at Michigan State University.

Sept. 2018: Welcome to the new lab members! - Saachi (Grad), Rose (rotating Grad), Ainsley (Undergrad), Adam (Undergrad), and Cy (Undergrad)!.

Aug. 2018: Congrats to the graduating Dr. Karen Jr. Field!

July 2018: Great job by LBRN student Arohan presenting his research poster at LSU SURF! Karen M. gives a talk at ICBF in Calgary, Canada.

June 2018: Congratulations to Teisha for receiving a GIAR from Sigma Xi! Congrats to Karen Jr. for successfully defending her dissertation!

June 2018: Karen M. gives the Wed. Night Lecture for the Neural Systems & Behavior course at MBL.
























































































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