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Recent Lab News

May 2016: Congrats to the graduating seniors Polly and Christopher!

Apr. 2016: Karen M. receives an LSU Alumni Association Rising Faculty Research Award

Mar. 2016: Congrats to Julie for receiving a research grant from the Animal Behavior Society!

Jan. 2016: Karen M. gives a talk at the Winter Animal Behavior Conference (WABC) in Steamboat Springs, CO. Welcome to undergrads Makayla and Zaida!

Jan. 2016: The lab attends the SICB conference in Portland, OR.  Karen Jr. and Julie both give great talks!

Nov. 2015: Congratulations to Karen Jr. for winning the first place poster prize at the LSU BioGrads Symposium!  Welcome to undergraduate researcher Ashley Augustus!

Oct. 2015: New paper on the role of the lateral line system during territorial behaviors is featured "Inside JEB"!

Oct. 2015: Karen Jr. presents a poster on her research at the Society for Social Neuroscience meeting in Chicago - nice work!

Sept. 2015: Julie gives her 7921 seminar - great job!

Sept. 2015: Welcome to the new undergraduate researchers Josh, Thomas, and Maddy! and to new Senior Research Associate Alex Nikonov!

Aug. 2015: The lab receives funding from the National Science Foundation for 2 proposals to study 1) multimodal social signals and 2) neural mecahanisms of maternal care (in collaboration with S. Renn, Reed College).










































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