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Recent Lab News

We are looking for new motivated M.S. or PhD students to join our team! - to work on neural basis of behaviors and sensory biology. Send letter of interest and CV to kmaruska@lsu.edu

Mar. 2021: Congrats to Chase for receiving an NSF GRFP! Welcome to new undergrad researcher Marie!

Feb. 2021: Welcome to new Postdoc Robert, who is funded by an NSF PRFB!

Jan. 2021: Teisha and Saachi present their work, and Karen and Julie organize and run a symposium at the virtual SICB conference.

Sept. 2020: Welcome to new PhD student Emily!

June 2020: Congrats to Evan for receiving a summer research grant from LSU Discover!

May 2020: Big congratulations to our graduating seniors - Mark, Ian, Erandi, Ross & Adam!

May 2020: Congrats to Ian for receiving the Ogden Honors College Outstanding Thesis Award! & Karen receives an LSU Alumni Association Faculty Excellence Award!

Feb. 2020: Julie receives the LSU Alumni Association Distinguished Dissertation Award in STEM - congrats!  Karen gives a seminar in the Biology Dept. at Brigham Young University - Utah.

Jan. 2020: Welcome to new undergrad researchers Jonathan, Hyerin, and Tabitha!

Jan. 2020: Lab members present their research at the annual SICB conference in Austin, TX. - great job Chase, Mark, Julie, Rose, and Teisha!

Dec. 2019: Congratulations to our graduates - Cy and Dr. Julie Butler!

Aug. 2019: Welcome to new undergrad researchers Braden, Ava, and Ross!  and to Chase in his new role as grad student!

July 2019: Karen presents a poster at the Neuroethology GRC, and is a discussion leader for the GRS.

The Maruska Lab strives to create an inclusive, respectful, intellectually challenging climate that embraces individual difference in race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, age, spirituality, socioeconomic status, disability, family status, experiences, opinions and ideas.
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Department of Biological Sciences • Louisiana State University • Baton Rouge, LA. • 70803

kmaruska@lsu.edu • 225-578-1738 (office) • 225-578-8057 (lab)


The Maruska Laboratory

Neural Mechanisms of Behavior • Hormones and Sensory Processing • Sensory, Behavioral and Neural Plasticity
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Last updated: 3/26/2021